Edmonton Photography Tweetup

Last night I attended the first Edmonton Photography Tweetup at the Reb Robin downtown location. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of a ‘Tweetup’ it is basically an in-person meetup consisting of people who are using the mico-blogging service Twitter. There have been several successful Tweetups in Edmonton already including a fund raising event called Twestival which raised money for Charity Water. During one of these Tweetups I met Tony Ratcliffe who expressed an interest in organzing a meeting of local Twitter users who shared an interest in photography. The basic idea behind the meetup is to talk about photography, share techniques, offer advice, and possibly provide some basic photography instruction.

After a few false starts and several email exchanges between Tony and myself, we were finally able to pick a date and a location for the first meeting. To our delight, close to 20 people showed up for our first official meeting. This first meeting was a starting point to introduce ourselves to one another, briefly describe our interest in photography and level of experience, and discuss what direction the group should take.  There was a mixture of experience levels and some great ideas were brought forward including organizing photowalks, critique sessions, mini-technical sessions, and possibly some studio shoots. Here is a shot of the group from last night’s meetup:

Edmonton Photography Tweetup

Edmonton Photography Tweetup

There are additional photos on my Flickr feed. Mack Male also has a recap up on his site and Bill Burris has posted some photos to his Flickr feed.

Our next meetup will be a Photowalk on May 12th, at 6:30pm at Ezio Farone Park (around 109 St on the north-west side of the high-level bridge). The topic/assignment will be selected soon so keep your eye on the Wiki for details or if you are using Twitter you can head over to and search for the hashtag #yegphoto. Everyone is invited to come out with their cameras to shoot for about an hour or so and then we can head to a local watering hole to debrief, share images, and chat about techniques, etc.

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