My Magazine Debut

Sometime last year I discovered a fantastic Canadian photography magazine called Photosho. Although it has only published 3 issues so far, the quality of the magazine and the images selected are outstanding. In addition, it is a Canadian magazine for Canadians featuring Canadians so that also gets bonus points in my book.

photosho_cover4 When the editor of the magazine put a call out for submissions or ideas for columns, I decided to pitch my idea for a column dedicated to promoting some of the great on-line resources available for photographers. This includes things like blogs, podcasts, photo sharing sites, educational sites, forums, review sites, etc. The editor loved the idea and asked me to submit a column for the next issue.

I’m pleased to announce that Issue #4 of Photosho magazine is now available for just $12.99 an issue and features my new column – “Click On – Web Resources for Photoraphers”. Click this link for a preview of Issue #4 If you have already had a chance to read my column, I would love to receive any feedback or comments as well as suggestions of great on-line resources for photographers.

If you love great photography and would like to support a great Canadian publication, there is also a campaign running right now looking for people to donate to the publication to keep it going. Publishing a magazine is an expensive endeavour that requires a lot of funding so if you’re interested, you can head on over to and click on the Donate tab to make a contribution. Donations of $50 or more receive a free subscription to Photosho as well as recognition in the next issue.

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