Portrait Moments on Whyte

Spring has finally arrived and the snow has melted so it was time to get back out shooting. Last night a group of around 15 local photographers got together to do some shooting on Whyte Ave. These outings are organized by members of the PPOC and is known as GOYA which stands for “Get Off Your Ass”. It’s a great opportunity to head out in a relaxed environment and practice our craft while learning from each other. With wedding season fast approaching, I’ve been meaning to do some shooting around Whyte Ave so this was a perfect chance to do some location scouting.

I was fortunate to spend most of the night with Gord Scade from Scade Photography and a model he has worked with in the past named Julia. It was great working with Gord and seeing how he looks for the light, poses his subjects and discovers interesting places to shoot. Julia was a lot of fun to work with and was willing to get a climb on top of dumpsters and get a little dusty so we could get the shot. She even hung in there when we picked up a friendly neighborhood homeless guy who proceeded to follow us around for about 30 minutes telling her how pretty and sexy she was. Ah the adventure that is shooting in the city!

Here are a few shots from our session last night. Enjoy!

Portrait Moments on Whyte

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