The Cigar Man – Then and Now

What are the odds that two different photographers, one from Edmonton and one from Seattle, would travel half-way around the world to Barcelona and photograph the same guy in almost the same pose but 3 years apart? One would think fairly small right? What if I asked you what the odds would be of one of these photographers finding the other photographer’s image taken of the same guy? Even smaller right?

Well, it just so happens that this exact thing just happened to me. Yesterday a photographer on Flickr who goes by the name of Skedonk, posted a comment on my blog that he recognized my ‘Cigar Man’ photograph. For those who aren’t familiar with this photograph, I shot it in 2006 while I was traveling in Barcelona. Skedonk indicated that the reason he recognized him was because he had taken a similar photograph of the same guy. Here is his photograph.

He thought that we must have been in the same place around the same time but when I looked closely at the metadata on his photograph, I discovered that his image was taken in May of 2009 whereas mine was shot in 2006. Almost three years apart but compare his image to mine and look how similar our shots are. Even the cigar is about the same length. Only his shirt appears different.

Now the search is on to see if we can identify this man and finally put a name to this ‘famous’ face. In the meantime I’m running out to pick up a lottery ticket.

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  • I had a similar experience. I have a shot of a bike leaning against an old building in New Orleans and ran into one by another photographer almost exactly the same.