Travel Moment – Florence and Lucca

So our travels through Italy continue. After spending a few days in Rome we caught the train north to Florence. We met a lovely couple from Florida on the train and chatted with them during the trip north. We spent the next three days in Florence and visited the Uffizi Museum which houses the Birth of Venus among many other famous works of art. After spending the morning visiting the Uffizi, we roamed the streets of Florence checking out the shops and enjoying some more wonderful food. In the afternoon we had a reservation to visit the Academia Museum which contains the Statue of David. That evening we enjoyed a wine tasting with Count Nicola Copponi who’s home was used in the movie Hannibal and who appeared in the movie as a historian. His family was also responsible for building the famous Trevi fountain in Rome so it was a very educational experience.

After spending a few days in Florence it was time to meet up with Kevin Kubota and his wife Clare to begin the second leg of our journey – a photography workshop called Secret Italy. Kevin and Clare’s friends Max and Christiana are our guides and have been showing us the beautiful sights of Tuscany. We spent the first two days in Lucca before heading up to Santa Margherita and visiting Cinque Terre. Here are a few photos from the past week or so.

Travel Moment   Florence and Lucca

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