Commercial Photography – Showhomes in Leduc

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being invited to photograph some show homes by my friend Ben who’s wedding I photographed last year in Edmonton.  Ben works for MacLab Enterprises and they were looking for some updated photography of a few of the show homes in two of their newest developments in Leduc for their website. I headed out to the communities of Windrose and Suntree to meet with Ben and some of the builders to get a quick tour of their show homes and then set out to photograph each of the beautiful properties.

One of the challenges of photographing the interiors of homes is that you may not have complete control over the lighting conditions outside, particularly if you’re trying to photograph during certain times of day when there is limited traffic in the homes. On this particular day it was slightly overcast but still very bright outside so I had made the decision early-on to use HDR photography to help capture a wide range of detail and deal with the extreme difference between the shadows and the hilites in the scene. HDR photography involves photographing the exact same scene at a variety of exposures and then combining the images in the post production process to wind up with an image which features a wider dynamic range than what you could normally capture in a single frame. The process of tone-mapping is achieved by using a program such as HDR Effex Pro from Nik Software which helps combine the multiple images together to form the final image.

Here are a few selected images from our photography session in Leduc.


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