Wedding Workshop with David Ziser

Sarah and I just returned from our trip to Boston and New York. I was in Boston to attend Photoshop World 2009 where I got to meet and listen to some of the top photographers and Photoshop users in the world including Scott Kelby, Dave Cross, RC Concepcion, Matt Kozlowski, and Joe McNally.

Before the conference officially kicked off, I registered for a pre-conference workshop with well known wedding photographer David Ziser. His blog at offers great advice and information for photographers with a focus on wedding photography in particular.

Our class began at the Hynes Convention Centre where David went over some of the gear he uses, a brief history of his background as a wedding photographer and and overview of the techniques he was going to show us that day. In total there were 45 participants in the class which wound up being a few too many in my opinion. I would have preferred a smaller class with more opportunities to practice with some of the equipment David had brought for the shoot but we made the best of it and I managed to get a few decent shots without connecting to any of the off camera flash units that David was demonstrating.

Here is a quick shot I took while we stopped to take advantage of the great window light and interesting architecture and lines inside the convention centre.2009_03_24_David_Ziser_Shoot_002

We headed a few blocks down the street to the beautiful Old South Church. The interior was stunning with amazing stained glass windows and impressive wooden arches and ceilings. Here David had setup a screen and computer at the back and had a wireless transmitter connected to his Canon 5D Mark II so we could view the results on screen as he was shooting. We spent about 3 hours in the church going over a variety of lighting concepts and how to work with minimal lighting equipment to achieve results with impact.

Below is a shot of David working with our groom to demonstrate some off camera lighting techniques using a strobe, umbrella and back lighting on the church alter (out of frame on the left of the image).


After we were done at the church we headed back to the Convention Centre to wrap up the class and shoot a few more images inside the centre. Here is another photo I captured of the bride taking advantage of the late afternoon sunlight streaming in through the windows.


I’ll have more to share on Photoshop World in an upcoming blog post. You can also read some of David’s posts from Photoshop World on his blog at

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