Concert Videography – Wil Performs Roam Live in Edmonton

Anyone who follows us or reads our blog, probably knows that we are big fans of Canadian music. One of our favourite artists is Wil Mimnaugh – a talented musician and the creative mind behind the song “Roam” that was used in last year’s “Remember to Breathe” campaign for Travel Alberta. Wil also created an original song called “Ride” which was used as the theme song for the 100th Anniversary of the Calgary Stampede last year.

For the past few years, we’ve been shooting some stills and video for Wil whenever he’s been performing here in Edmonton. It’s been a labour of love and a great chance to try our hand at shooting video which is a completely different beast from the world of still photography.

This past December, Wil was back in Edmonton performing at the Artery and we teamed up with Raj Patel from A Love Story and Sarah Taylor from Suite One Productions to shoot some video for Wil to use on his website. In the past I’ve only shot with one camera so this was a different experience working with 4 cameras and two audio recorders. Thanks so much to Sarah for all of her help and assistance in cutting and editing this video together. Here is Wil performing “Roam” live at the Artery with drummer Kevin Houghton.

If you are a musician or band looking for concert photography or videography, be sure to give us a call to see what we can do for you.


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