Edmonton Wedding Photographer – Destination Wedding in Italy

It’s hard to believe but it’s been almost six weeks since we got back from our three week tour of Italy in April and May. Those who have been following my blog know that Sarah and I went to Italy for three weeks back in April for some sightseeing and to attend Kevin Kubota’s Secret Italy workshop. I managed to get a few blog posts up from Rome, Florence, and Venice but since we got back, I’ve been so busy with the wedding season in Edmonton that I haven’t had time to go through the rest of my photographs and blog about the rest of our trip.

This week I’d like to share some of the photographs from our model shoot that we did in Santa Margharita, Italy. Vanessa and Alberto were our models for the day and braved the rain, cold, and throngs of fans mobbing them for autographs. Vanessa and Alberto were contestants on the Italian version of the popular reality television show Big Brother. They actually met on the show and their relationship has continued since then. You can imagine the excitement when fans recognized them and saw that they were decked out in wedding apparel. The texts and phone calls started flying as I’m sure many thought they had stumbled upon an exclusive celebrity scoop.

The first challenge in this shoot was overcoming the language barrier. Normally I’m used to being able to freely communicate with my clients. Neither Vanessa or Alberto spoke much English and beyond ordering wine and beer, my Italian was non-existent. Fortunately we had someone to help translate but it wasn’t quite the same as being able to communicate directly with the couple. Despite the language barrier, we all worked really well together and managed to have a few laughs. It was also great working with a group of talented photographers and seeing how everyone managed to tell a different story with their cameras.

The second challenge was the weather. During our last two weeks in Italy, it rained every single day and this day was no exception. Fortunately there were a few breaks in the weather here and there but I think the rain made for some fun photos and one of my favorite images happens to be of the two of them kissing under an umbrella. As a photographer, you have to be prepared to shoot in any conditions and be flexible and creative enough to take whatever situation is thrown at you and adapt. I think this is one of the marks of a great photographer and is often undervalued and under-appreciated in today’s photography market where so many people are just looking at the dollars and cents. In my time as a photographer, I’ve faced a wide variety of weather situations including rain, snow, hail, wind, extreme heat, and even shooting outdoors on one of the coldest days of the year last year when the mercury hit -47 degrees Celsius. If you are looking for an adaptable photographer to photograph your wedding, definitely find out how they are prepared to shoot in any situation.

Edmonton Wedding Photographer - Destination Wedding in ItalyEdmonton Wedding Photographer - Destination Wedding in ItalyEdmonton Wedding Photographer - Destination Wedding in ItalyEdmonton Wedding Photographer - Destination Wedding in ItalyEdmonton Wedding Photographer - Destination Wedding in ItalyEdmonton Wedding Photographer - Destination Wedding in ItalyEdmonton Wedding Photographer - Destination Wedding in Italy

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  • Tracey

    Stunning pics Bruce. The umbrella one was my favorite to. I bet it made it a little easier having such good looking subjects:)

    We had a few different weather patterns on our wedding day but luckily every time I had to leave a building it wasn’t raining. We were the only ones under cover at Governmnet House when a flash storm hit and all the other wedding parties got soaked.

    I’ve also been in a wedding party in October when it was very cold out and the freakin photographer had us outside forever(probably no backup location), in short sleaved dresses and making us pretend to joke around with sunglasses on. Can you tell I didn’t like him much? He wan’t a real photographer. A friend of a friend of the groom. Like you said “dollars and cents”. I got better pics of the bride and groom than he did.

  • Bruce! These are magical, and ridiculously romantic, and they absolutely take my breath away! What more could I say! The rain shots are, perfect!

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