Delux Burger Celebrity Chef – Warren Smith

February is the month we celebrate love and who doesn’t love a great burger? If you’re a meat lover or your significant other is a meat lover, you have to be sure to swing by Delux Burger during the month of February to enjoy Warren Smith’s “Redneck Burger”. Warren Smith is the owner of Wild Game Consultants and is February’s Celebrity Chef. Wild Game Consultants is the supplier of exotic meats and poultry to some of Edmonton’s finest dining establishments including Delux, Lux, Hardware Grill, Jack’s Grill, and N.A.I.T. Warren can bring in just about any type of meat ranging from exotic meats such as ostrich, rattlesnake, and kangaroo to more standard meats and poultry such as bison, elk, and pheasant.

Warren’s “Redneck Burger” features a 7oz bison burger topped with parmesan cheese, fresh ham, smoked pork shoulder butt, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and mustardnaise (mayo & mustard mixture) on a toasted kaiser bun. One of the great things about photographing this promotion is that I’ve had a chance to try out each of these burgers after I’m done photographing them. Being a big fan of bison meat I really enjoyed Warren’s creation and highly suggest you stop by and try it out.

The Redneck Burger

Warren Smith - Celebrity Chef

Warren Smith with his Redneck Burger


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  • Chelsey Rice

    You have the best job EVER! Delux is my fav burger place, I love it!

  • Bruce

    Thanks Chelsey! Delux is also going to be opening up a second location in WEM on Bourbon Street this spring so now you’ll have two places to satisfy your burger cravings.

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